"My earliest trick shot routines were with one arm, on one leg, seated and blindfolded.  I soon realized I had learned a great deal about the challenges facing disabled people.

I began teaching and writing on golf with all types of disabilities and it's been going great guns ever since then."

Great guns, indeed.  After 35+ years of working with disabled people, Peter Longo is recognized as one of the world's leading authorities on the subject.

He has written dozens of articles for individual publications, along with teaching manuals on disabled golf for the USPGA, The Spanish Golf Federation and the National Golf Foundation.

Peter began Wounded Warrior Golf Schools in 2013. Under the title "Camp LiberTee", military personnel injured in Iraq and Afghanistan are eligbile for the three day immersion schools nationwide. Call Peter directly for more information 630-616-1515

"Peter has truly given me a new reason to press on with my life."      1LT Brian Donarski (Ret) US ARMY,  Camp LiberTee attendee.

"Oh my Lord, I love his passion for the game. Peter is so patient and he gave me great confidence." MSGT Lizzamaris Vazquez, US ARMY Camp LiberTee attendee.

"It is such an honor learning from Peter and I really enjoyed the lessons. I look forward to many more lessons from you. It's very relaxing and therapeutic." Jay Ramirez (Ret) USMC, Camp LiberTee attendee.

"I had an amazing time and really enjoyed your lessons. Thany you so much." Matt Barron, SGT, US ARMY Camp LiberTee attendee.

He produced the first video ever done on handicapped golf, (CHALLENGE GOLF, 1987) which has become an industry standard the world over.

In 1989, Peter authored a treatise on golf and challenges for the U.S. Government that earned him a trip to the White House to meet sponsors First Lady Barbara Bush and Queen Sylvia of Sweden.

He was an original member and Chairman of the PGA's Committee for the Physically Disabled and still serves on the Advisory Board.

Peter is also active in the golf programs and fund raising efforts of both Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, the world's largest rehab facility.

Peter received Marianjoy's prestigious Joe Jemsek "Par Excellence" Award of 2006 for distinguished and inspirational leadership in the field of disabled golf.

Since 2003, Peter has teamed with the Fundacion Deporte y Desafio (Foundation for Sports and Challenges) in Madrid and Spanish international star Sergio Garcia, conducting Spain's first ever disabled golf teaching seminars for professionals and students across the nation. As a result, there are now 32 permanent sites for learning adaptive golf through Spain, in the Canary islands and on Majorca island.

"Peter Longo is here, changing lives", Jose Felix Balboa, President, Spanish Committee for Disabled Golf.

In 2005, Peter released a Power Point computer teaching CD for the PGA of America.  The work, entitled "CHALLENGE GOLF-CD", is available to both PGA members and the general public. Orders can be made through the PGA Foundation by phone: 1-888-532-6662 or on line at: www.pgafoundation.com

No matter what the problem, physical, mental, emotional ... Peter Longo can lend a helping hand to pros and students alike.


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